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Our first location is in South LA, with additional storefronts opening across a diverse range of local neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Though some of the stores will be less than two miles apart, the needs of each community are very different, which is why variable pricing is so important. Meals in South LA are as low as $4, while the same dishes at our Century City, Downtown LA, and Santa Monica locations are up to $8. The more Everytable sells, the more we can expand, therefore increasing access to neighborhoods that need and deserve better options.

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Our model enables all of us to be a part of something bigger — making healthy, affordable meals a reality for all. When you eat at Everytable, you’re paying less and bringing better food to more neighborhoods. Our customers become part of a community that, together, is democratizing healthy food, which we believe is a basic human right.





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Their new restaurant concept, Everytable, puts fresh, nutritious grab-and-go meals into physical and financial reach of those in low-income areas. Now, for roughly the price of a Big Mac, residents of this community—where more than 40 percent of households earn incomes well below the national average—can pick up a Puebla chicken tinga bowl, made fresh that day from a locally inspired recipe and packed with a healthful mix of grains, vegetables, and protein.

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When a new restaurant called Everytable opens on Saturday in the poverty-stricken area of Los Angeles known as South L.A., a grab-and-go Jamaican jerk chicken bowl with coconut rice, beans, plantains and carrots will be the most expensive meal on the menu at $4.50. But this fall, when a second outpost of Everytable opens just two miles away in more affluent downtown Los Angeles, the same Jamaican jerk chicken bowl will cost $8.95. The big price difference represents an unusual experiment to address the persistent issue of limited food choices in poorer neighborhoods around the country.

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The menu at the South LA location, which will change seasonally, features salads, bowls, and kids' meals, including kale chicken Caesar salad, Jamaican jerk chicken, and Yucatan chili. Everytable sources its meats, fruits, and vegetables from local purveyors and makes the dishes from scratch every morning, Foster says. The food is stacked on refrigerated shelves so that customers can grab it and go. If they want to stay and eat, there are also a few tables and microwaves. Any leftover meals are given to homeless shelters every day.

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